Taliban with an offensive on Kamal Khan Dam securing neighboring countries interests

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By: Ameer Hussain Saljoqi
Hindukosh- Kabul: Taliban militants attacked Kamal khan Dam in Nimroz province, killing six guards, the national public protection agency said.
Zia wadan spoke person for the NPPF told media that as a result of the Taliban attack on Kamal khan dam six guards killed and two others wounded.
“The Taliban have ramped up their attacks on infrastructures, projects, and utilities, despite all their commitments,” He said.
Meanwhile, the Taliban attack on public infrastructures faced strong reactions from social media users.
Amirullah Saqib, a Facebook user, wrote: “In addition to securing Pakistan’s interests, the Taliban are now fighting and killing Afghans to safeguard Iran’s interests. They attacked Kamal Khan Dam at Iran’s demand, which resulted in six guards martyrdom.”
Mr. Saqib had previously written: “Kamal Khan Dam stops water flowing into Iran territory. Iran uses this water for agricultural lands and electricity production.
We have an agreement with Iran on water, we do not violate Iran’s water rights, why the Taliban are attacking our dams on Iran’s dictation.
Meanwhile, local officials in Iran’s Sistan province launched false propaganda on social media that Afghanistan is blocking water flowing to Iran.
“They say Blocking water Yazid’s job and we are the nation of Imam Hussein,” they said.
Iran has recently given weapons and money to Maulvi Azizullah, the former Taliban military chief in Herat province, to destroy the dams.
The Taliban in Herat province has been commanded to increase the scale of violence in Herat and neighboring provinces “Officials said.
Three parts of the Kamal Khan Dam have now been completed and will become a source of water storage in the near future.
When the Kamal Khan Dam is put into operation, the Helmand Sea will be controlled under a water treaty with Iran, which will make the Nimroz earthen plains green, says the Afghanistan Water Management Research Department.

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